A better outlook
to the sea surface

Drone components built for operational challenges in the maritime domain

System solutions

Compact SUAV solution that enable squads to conduct intelligense, surveillance and reconnance (IRS) in the land domain.

  • Squad level ISR SUAV
  • Readily available asset
  • Fast deployment
  • Instant awareness
  • Collaboration enabled
Maritime Search and Rescue (SAR)

Autonomous drones based system for search and detection of people and objects on the sea surface.

  • Deployment ready
  • IMO search patterns
  • Thermal and daylight cameras
  • EDGE computing for recognition of image data
  • Fast and Scalable

System components

Several of the components we use in our own product solutions are offered as individual products for use by other drone/solution manufacturers.

System services​

Make use of our offer to integrate and service our solution to provide the best experience and the most value.