Improved situational awareness

Innovative integration of UAV systems and software solutions

About Monopulse

We develop software for drone systems to improve situational awareness.

Monopulse develops application specific software for UAV systems to overcome operational challenges, enhance situational awareness, and support team collaboration in a distributed environment.

Our solutions contribute to improved operational safety and mission success for small teams that collaborate from various locations in a challenging scenario on land or at sea, like e.g. first response teams.

Our solutions

We use drones as a valuable part of our solutions, but merely as a system component. In our opinion the drone is not a solution in itself – despite being a very unique drone; designed and built for the maritime environment and specific for the system. The solution is defined by the value it provides.

“What are the challenges you face as an operator, and how can drones help you to overcome these challenges?”

We consider and adapt our solution to the specific challenges onboard a ship, to provide the most value for the crew in their operational tasks and challenges.

Making drones effective for your operation

There is a wide range of commercial drones available on the market today, and every manufacture is offering several different models that are unique in their own way. Given the vast selection of offers to choose from, how do you make a decision? Which drone is right for you and for your operation?

One question that may lead you towards clarification:

“What task do you want the drone to do for you?”

Typical solutions that are often seen

For a majority of the available commercial drones on the market today, you will find that they are:

  • Created for land, and then moved onto the maritime domain.
  • Stoved away in a case, when it is not being used.
  • Require 2 people to operate, while it is being used.
  • Made for general purpose, rather than a specific application.
  • Not integrated with any other systems onboard.