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Efficient drone solutions for tactical operations, military, police and emergency services.

Falcon sUAV


  • Effective
  • Operational safety
  • Close-up real-time observations


Falcon sUAV is lightweight, fast to deploy and easy to operate, which makes it an ideal tool for observation and survey reconnaissance.

Essential to reconnaissance of difficult areas, assist with route recons or enhanced awareness while on a site.

Falcon sUAV is deployed and operated by a single operator. On the handheld ground station, the operator has a situational map and live video from the SUAV.

The operator can navigate the sUAV manually or follow a flight plan.

The live video link during flight, which establishes situational awareness of the surroundings, is recorded at all time, allowing for later playback as part of a meeting or presentation.

When ground stations are connected in a network, observations are shared in the form of POI symbols containing camera footage and timestamps. POI symbols are created and shared with a simple tap on the map.

Falcon sUAV is transitioned from stowed to operational state in less than a minute and has an operation time of half an hour, and a range of up to 15 km (using external antena).

A quadcopter has many advantages over conventional fixed-wing drones because of its vertical take-off and landing capabilities and its ability to hover. It makes the quadcopter ideal for observations in confined spaces and for close-up inspections.

The payload is easily replaceable in-field and includes EO daylight zoom cameras or a combined EO daylight and LWIR cameras.

Specialty payloads, such as long distance Laser Range Finder, are also available.
It is made to be durable and easily fixable in the field as to reduce the down-time.

Falcon Mk3 UAV w. daylight zoom camera

Monopulse Falcon Mk3 Remote Controller

Ground control, handheld

Monopulse Falcon Mk3 Specifications

TypeQuadcopter with 7 or 8-inch propellers
ConstructionModular with user replaceable main parts
AutopilotPX4 with Monopulse proprietary extensions
GNSS systemMultiband GPS/Galileo/GLONAS with SBAS corrections.
Supports RTK Rover operations.
AutonomyPreprogrammed mission support including take-off, waypoints, actions at the waypoint, land at the predefined position.
FailsafePreprogrammed actions in case of datalink or GNSS reception loss. Preprogrammed return-to-home support in case of errors.
Datalink2.4GHz / 5.8GHz Encrypted (AES256) User selectable secure channel.
Battery systemLi-Ion 2x6S1P. 2×4800 mAh, replaceable
Size / weightL: 370 x W: 460 x D: 85 mm / 1,90kg
Body sizeL: 340 x W: 320 x D: 70 mm
Flight timeover 30 minutes
Environment-20°C – 55°C
IP RatingIP53
Wind Resistance25 km/h (13.5 kt)
Type3-Axis stabilized gimbal with a camera payload
Operating ModePhoto and Video Supported
Max Resolution2560 x 1920 (~5MP)
Optical zoom10X, motorized
Video System720p/1080p video downlink. 5MP video and photo recording on the UAV
Video Compressionh.264 or h.265
Media StorageOnboard MicroSD memory card
IP RatingIP53
Type3-Axis stabilized gimbal with a EO and LWIR combined camera payload
Operating ModePhoto and Video Supported
Max ResolutionEO: 2560×1920 (~5MP)
LWIR: 640×480 or 320×256 (Market and End-user dependent)
Video system720p/1080p video downlink. 5MP video and photo recording on the UAV
Video CompressionEO: h.264 or h.265
LWIR: h.264
Media StorageOnboard MicroSD memory card
IP RatingIP53
TypeHandheld controller, COTS, Android based
SoftwareQGroundControl with Monopulse extensions
Operational rangeup to 3 km in urban environment and up to 15 km in open space
DisplayLCD touch screen 5.5″, 1920x1080px, 1.000 cd/m² brightness
Supports showing up to 2 video streams simultaneously
Wired ConnectivityEthernet, HDMI
Wireless ConnectivityWi-Fi and 2G/3G/4G using onboard SIM slot
Operation time6h battery life
Size / weightW:190 x H:140 x D:45 / 850g
Environment-20°C to 55°C
IP RatingIP53
TypeDual-battery LiIon/LiPol smart charger
Input VoltageAC: 230V
DC: 12V/24V
Output specificationUp to 2 batteries: 6S1P

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